STAGE expands to Smart Technology-based Agriculture Enabler – an end-to-end solution for farmers.

Objectives of STAGE (Smart Technology-Based Agriculture Enabler)

Following are the key objectives of the Project:

  • Reduce chemicals and toxins from the soil over the next few years
  • Reduce crop failure through timely weather and crop advisory
  • Secure Input costs against natural calamities and unprecedented weather conditions through Parametric Insurance
  • Eliminate the use of chemical-based pesticides, insecticides, and fungicides through toxin-free alternatives
  • Improve yield – quality and quantity of produce
  • Enable best prices for the produce with forward contracts

The overall idea is to reduce cost of cultivation, mitigate risk of crop failure,

Complete Details of STAGE

Smart Technology-Based Agriculture Enabler is an end-to-end solution for the small and marginal farmers in India that addresses all the pain points of farmers covering access to finance, good quality inputs, technology, and market. The ever-evolving STAGE tech-platform combines technology from various partners to be able to provide an end-to-end solution to the farmers. Hydenmet currently works with the following partners:

Hydenmet deploys Borlaug’s Blockchain solution for tracking & tracing commodities from seeding to sale. Their ERP helps in monitoring the crop calendar
Earth Networks provides lightning feeds from their Total Lightning Network. This data is used by Hydenmet’s VYOMET mobile appl for providing lightning & dangerous thunderstorm alerts
Hydenmet sources Toxin-Free Crop & Soil Care products from Green Earth at bulk prices
Hydenmet sources Weather Stations & Enviro-monitors from Davis Instruments
Skylink Aero custom builds drones for Hydenmet with specific payload and sensors

STAGE Levels



Technology based Advisory for Crop Selection and Land Preparation based on Satellite-Based land analysis (Conserwater).Bringing the best quality Farm inputs at the lowest price


Seeding to Harvest

Crop and weather advisory based on sensor and satellite inputs to effectively manage irrigation, pests and yield. We using sensor and satellite technologies


Harvest to Revenue

Best harvest practices and cost-effective storage solutions.Market access and best prices


Additional Benefit to farmers

We Monitor Carbon Sequestration and pay farmers for Carbon Credit


1. Provision of Toxin-Free Soil Care products during land preparation

This is coming from Green Earth.

2. Weather advisory and best timing for seeding

Weather advisory plays a crucial role while preparing the land for seeding. Rainfall forecast and soil moisture measurements help in ensuring the right moisture level in the soil for seeding.

3. Provision of Parametric Insurance for the crop, covering all input costs

Despite all necessary precautions and monitoring, nature can play havoc namely, unprecedented heavy rainfall, cyclones and storms that can lead to crop failure. This is precisely why Hydenmet buys Parametric Crop Insurance that protects farmers from crop failure to the extent of the cost of cultivation.

4. Installation of IoT Devices

Installation of Weather Stations and Enviro-Monitors with gateway and nodes with soil-moisture, leaf-wetness, and temperature/humidity sensors.For every 500 to 1000 acres of cultivation depending on the crop, Hydenmet will install one Automatic Weather station, one enviro-monitor gateway and four enviro-monitor nodes, each with a soil-moisture sensor, temperature/humidity sensor and leaf-wetness sensor.

5. Provision of best practices to follow through the crop cycle

Best practices are written up and provided to the farmers based on the following:

  • Crop being cultivated
  • Agroclimatic zone of the location
  • Known Crop Intelligence
  • Right mix of fertilizer and Green-Earth Soil Care products based on the crop & variety
  • Periodicity of application of toxin-free crop care and soil care products
  • Interventions required based on weather forecasts
  • Interventions required based on possible pest/insect/fungus attacks

Seeding to Harvest

1. Daily Weather & Crop advisory through mobile applications

We provide the following mobile applications to provide daily crop & weather advisory:

2. Periodic monitoring of crop health using drones

The drones we source from Skylink Aero are fitted with multi-spectral and hyper-spectral cameras which capture imagery that are analysed to monitor crop health, periodically.

3. Tracking and Tracing of the commodity from seeding to harvest

This system comes from Borlaug.

4. Manage the operations of cultivation using an ERP

This system comes from Borlaug.

5. Provision of Toxin-Free crop care products for the entire crop cycle

This comes from Green Earth in the name of seven-star crop care. It is a combination of different products that work on the soil and the crop. The soil-care products aid in microbial development in the soil and helps in strengthening of the roots. The crop-care products work towards keeping pests, insects and fungus away, thereby almost eliminating the need for pesticides, insecticides and fungicides. As these are toxin-free, the commodities produced are toxin-free.

6. Spraying of crop care products using drones

The same drones from Skylink Aero are also used for spraying Green Earth products.

7. Advisory on timing of harvest

Based on the monitoring of the growth of the crop, the most ideal timing of harvest is determined for each crop. The produce should neither be too small nor too big for ideal mix of nutrition and brix content.

Harvest to Revenue

1. Provision of appropriate storage solution for the commodities harvested

Cold-storage or dry-storage as required for the harvest is provided to keep the produce fresh for a few days, weeks, or months. The duration of keeping the produce in storage depends on best price identification. Harvest time is not the best time for selling, usually.

2. Tracking and tracing of the commodity from Harvest to Sale

This system comes from Borlaug.

3. Access to market / buyers at the right price

Buyers are brought on to the ERP for bidding and buying from the farmers.

Expected Outcomes / Benefits / Social Impact of the Project

  • Better quality of produce, better yield and, toxin-free yield
  • All other causes of crop failure are eliminated using technology-based monitoring
  • Toxin-Free and tracked/traced commodities command better price in the market
  • Targeting minimum 25% increase in profits for farmers
  • If there is a crop failure due to a natural calamity, input cost recovered due to Parametric Insurance claim and hence the entire project funding is safe to be deployed for the next cycle