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Environmental intelligence in Agriculture

There has not been a more important time to talk about climate change than now. No man-made power can handle nature, but adequate awareness can help save a lot of lives. The ever-changing weather has been the only constant in the last several years. Changing sea levels have led to disturbances in the flow of natural thermal currents. Thunderstorms, torrential rains, and lightning have become very common. All of this has been affecting Agriculture in a big way too.

By having technology that forewarns you of storms, lightning, and heavy rains, you can prevent a lot of damage. Measuring, monitoring, and alerting based on a variety of weather parameters and quality of Air, Water, Crop and Soil, farmers can reduce damages to crops and increase crop quality & yield. Environmental intelligence is therefore necessary for Operational Continuity Planning for every business and Hydenmet Solutions seeks to achieve that for your organization.


What we do
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Who we are
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Hydenmet Solution Service

At Hydenmet Solutions, we dedicate our time to help organizations become aware of weather-related operational, financial issues, and human life risks and provide solutions to mitigate them. Your organization can use decision support systems we provide through analysis of data collected by our sensors in real-time. With this, you can foresee any significant environmental changes that might affect your services, products, supply chains, and infrastructure. We provide you with action plans to prevent severe weather conditions to disrupt your business, manage risks caused due to weather, and provide alert dissemination services. Hydenmet Solutions can help your organization achieve the weather intelligence that helps your business become unstoppable in the face of bad weather.

How hydenmet helps in agriculture

Above all, we keep in mind that thunderstorms and lightning affect the most vulnerable, the farmers. Our sensor infrastructure and accurate forecasts can help farmers save their crops and their own lives. Hydenmet Solutions can help substantially increase crop yield through timely and accurate environmental intelligence from seeding to harvest. In India, lightning is the leading cause of death among natural calamities. This alarming figure can easily be mitigated with the help of our sophisticated sensor technology and prediction models. We believe in creating climate awareness at a young age so that weather-related disasters can be handled well. Hence, with reliable tools and necessary awareness, our school students can learn the do’s and don’ts right from Kindergarten.


Hydenmet has developed Environmental Intelligence Solutions that comprises

Data collection through sensors
Access to Artificial Intelligence Platforms driven by satellite data
Mobile applications
SMS dissemination systems

Hydenmet Environmental Solutions